About NLP and INA

NLP is an unregulated field in the public domain. There are no state regulations, no licensing requirements, no legislation and no oversight whatsoever, other than laws that regulate the normal practice of business in the consulting industry.

Many popular NLP trainers have created private regulatory bodies to endorse themselves and their affiliate organizations. While this is understandable, many NLP associations do not disclose the conflict of interest or explain their accreditation practices.

As a result, unsuspecting members and prospective students often times believe that their NLP certification is not valid if they don’t take courses from “approved” training centers. This unfortunate trend stops here. While INA board members do offer NLP and personal development training, INA is an independent, non-revenue body that endorses a wide range of NLP organizations considered to be ethical.


To ensure the integrity of our organization, we have chosen to be non-revenue generating. No fees. No dues. No kickbacks or royalties. Absolutely no affiliates. Membership for NLP organizations is free. However, becoming a member is difficult.


Our standards are different. We don’t approve any specific training curriculum. We endorse specific NLP trainers. It is the character and marketing practices of NLP training and certifying organizations with which we are concerned.

We only endorse training and personal development organizations that, in our view, have high integrity in marketing. No hype will be tolerated. No false claims. Reasonable expectations and high levels of personal maturity are required to join us.

We do not appreciate NLP trainers who use manipulative tactics to recruit students. We don’t accept NLP trainers who over promise on expected results from training. We don’t support anyone who promotes the “magic bullet” approach to NLP or magical thinking in general.

We endorse only those few who we believe are being honest and realistic in their teaching and marketing. Period.

Welcome to INA.