INA Code of Ethics

Trainer and Coach integrity is essential for success with students and clients. Because of this we require all accredited members to commit to our International NLP Association code of ethics.

Members of INA must:

Be clear and upfront about cost for services. No hidden fees, calculated upsells or overpricing.

Never use high pressure sales tactics.

Be reasonable, honest and grounded when addressing the benefits of NLP training.

Never claim that learning, personal development and the process of growth is easy or effortless.

Be up front about all affiliate business relationships.

Never claim exclusive rights to the field of NLP training, always acknowledging that NLP is in the public domain.

Shun magical thinking, miracle cures and claims of unlimited power as benefits of NLP.

Never guarantee specific results for students or clients.

Have a satisfaction guarantee and refund policy.

Demonstrate high quality, clear and honest marketing practices, never making false claims.

Charge fair market value for training and refuse to inflate seminar pricing.

Use a reasonable refund policy.

Employ NLP trainers with character, according to INA standards as outlined on this website.

Strive to apply excellent communication skills and values in their personal life.

Never claim NLP as a panacea or substitute for moral development.

Understand the breadth and depth of psychology, not assuming or claiming NLP is a replacement for a broader education.

Use mature judgement in all matters related to NLP.