How to choose an NLP Training

All NLP trainings are not created equal.

The International NLP Association recommends the following practices that will help prospective NLP student choose a high quality NLP training course. Many, many NLP trainings do not stand up to these standards. Given your investment of time, money and energy, consider the following thoroughly.

1. Interview the lead trainer personally. The lead trainer should make himself or herself available to address questions prior to any financial commitment on the student’s part.

2. Pricing. A fair price for NLP training is roughly $200 USD per hour including materials, but not including room, board, and travel. No over-priced NLP training has ever proven worth the investment.

3. Do not succumb to high pressure sales tactics! High pressure tactics are used by unethical marketers who do not have the students’ best interests in mind.

4. The student should be genuinely impressed with the NLP training organization, lead trainer and supporting staff. Trust your judgment.

5. Consider all costs, travel, and time investment to ensure your ability to finish the course.

6. Do not consider training that claims to make you a certified NLP practitioner quickly. The best NLP courses usually take six months or more to complete. The NLP body of knowledge is broad and deep. Mastering the skills takes time.

7. Anything that sounds too good to be true is too good to be true.

All in all, treat your investment in neur0-linguistic programming as a serious educational endeavor worthy of your highest standards.

Hope Bundrant

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