• yin yang
    Many, many, years ago I remember being stuck in an internal struggle. Eight months prior to this dilemma, I had been given what I considered to be the opportunity of a lifetime; my dream job. The director of a hugely successful company offered me a place in her award-winning team. It was an amazing eight months in which I found myself contributing as a team member to some amazing, innovative projects that were incredibly exciting.
  • Having recently said goodbye and good luck to our third child, my wife and I were enjoying an unhurried and quietly peaceful life. I had converted one of the bedrooms to an office and had been engaging in my online work life without a worry in the world. This was not the case for my wife it seems, as I was soon to find out. I hadn’t seen her for several hours and the silence
  • Purpose of LifeI was roused from my daydreaming by a sudden and very loud thump on the wall outside of my home office. This first thump was followed quickly by another and then another, it wasn’t going to stop. I rushed outside to see what was trying to break through from the outside. What I saw was not what I had expected. There was no wrecking team with sledgehammers trying to renovate my house; it
  • Recently I went out to the local hotel to catch up with some friends whom I hadn’t seen in a long while. There were 12 of us and we had to push several tables together so we could sit as a group. As you can imagine, we had lots to talk about after such a long time apart. Our group was the first to arrive and we had the place to ourselves for about 30
  • Many years ago, my youngest daughter, then aged 8, came home from school with a deep scowl on her face.  She made a dramatic entrance through the front door, slamming her bag down on the floor, stomping her feet as she walked towards her room. I followed a few moments later, stopping along the way to pick up a balloon from the craft box. She was sitting on her bed, looking miserable, resting her chin