• What can an NLP Practitioner Do?
    Are you wondering can an NLP Practitioner do? As an NLP practitioner you are free to practice NLP in whichever context you are qualified. However, a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming does not bear any special entitlements according to any government regulation. NLP practitioners should be rightly classified as consultants, be it personal, life, business or any niche in which the practitioner is qualified to participate. In other words, NLP certification is a purely educational endeavor
  • Is online nlp training good?
    The question of the validity of online NLP training vs. classic in person NLP training is an important one in the age of the Internet. With more and more trainers offering NLP online, board members of various NLP associations must face the choice of endorsing online courses or not. Online learning of NLP is as powerful as the program of delivery that is engaged by the training institution. While there are many detractors to online
  • How to choose an NLP training
    Not all NLP trainings are created equal. The International NLP Association recommends the following practices that will help prospective NLP student choose a high quality NLP training course. Many, many NLP trainings do not stand up to these standards. Given your investment of time, money and energy, consider the following thoroughly. 1. Interview the lead trainer personally. The lead trainer should make himself or herself available to address questions prior to any financial commitment on