NLP Online vs. In Person Training Endorsement

The question of the validity of online NLP training vs. classic in person NLP training is an important one in the age of the Internet. With more and more trainers offering NLP online, board members of various NLP associations must face the choice of endorsing online courses or not. The International NLP Association is willing to endorse online NLP certification under the same ethical and quality guidelines that apply to any NLP training, with additional expectations as detailed below.

INA quality guidelines for online NLP training and certification

1. All character issues regarding the NLP trainers involved apply without exception.

2. The online NLP course must be multi-media, involving training manuals, audio guides and video demonstrations of the more complex protocols.

3. Students must have access to a qualified NLP trainer to address questions, comments or other concerns with the training material.

4. The course must provide exercises that have to be done in the real world among people. Students must prove to their assigned instructor that all exercises were completed, demonstrating the outcomes and a thorough understanding of the material.

5. Written tests in essay form must be given and approved for each training module.

6. At least one live interview must take place between student and trainer prior to certification.

7. The NLP online training organization must be open and honest about the nature of the study materials, what is provided and what is not provided to the student.

8. The NLP online training organization must not sell NLP certification to someone who it believes would be better off attending an in-person training.

9. The NLP online training organization must provide timely technical support to students.

10. All training fees and costs must be disclosed prior to purchase.

Given the savings in cost, convenience and the guidelines above, INA believes that online NLP training courses offer a unique opportunity to make neuro-linguistic programming available to a wider audience. Prospective students should be meticulous in investigating any online NLP training center to ensure its programs and certification meets INA guidelines.

Hope Bundrant

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