As an individual, you are able to apply for INA accreditation. There are two ways to qualify for this credential:

  • Graduated from an INA accredited NLP practitioner certification training.
  • If you attended a non-INA accredited practitioner training, you must submit proof of certification and show that your certification course meets the following requirements.

At a minimum, the course must include:

  • Definition of NLP
  • Rapport building with non-verbal communication
  • VAK model with eye accessing cues
  • Basic kinesthetic anchoring
  • Introduction to submodalities, with at least one full technique
  • Decision and motivation strategies
  • Meta-model 
  • Milton model
  • Outcome specification
  • Meaning reframing
  • Six-step reframing
  • 50 hours of NLP coursework
  • At least 5 hours of live instruction (in-person and/or live video/audio)

Once you complete your membership and enrollment fee you will be redirected to your Member Dashboard to complete your credential application and upload applicable documents.

NLP Practitioner Accreditation items to be completed during credentialing process:

  • NLP practitioner certificate or letter from issuing institute
  • Three character references
  • Completed INA application 
  • Signed INA code of ethics agreement

To start your PNLP accreditation process, click here: