Candidate must have graduated from an INA accredited NLP trainer certification training.

If the candidate attended a non-INA accredited trainer training, the candidate must provide:

  • Proof of NLP trainer certification.
  • At a minimum, the Trainer’s Training course must include how to train:
    • Definition of NLP
    • Rapport building with non-verbal communication
    • VAK model with eye accessing cues
    • Basic kinesthetic anchoring
    • Introduction to submodalities, with at least one full technique
    • Decision and motivation strategies
    • Meta-model 
    • Milton model
    • Outcome specification
    • Meaning reframing
    • Six-step reframing
  • Must include at least 20 hours of live instruction (in-person and/or live video/audio)
  • Must hold a current INA NLP Practitioner & NLP Master credentials or will be applying for all three at once.

Other NLP Trainer Accreditation Requirements

  • NLP trainer certificate from issuing institute
  • A letter of recommendation from your training center
  • Completed INA application 
  • Signed INA code of ethics agreement

If you plan to train and certify others as NLP Practitioners you may want to apply for NLP Training Center Accreditation.