What you can do as an NLP Practitioner

As an NLP practitioner you are free to practice NLP in whichever context you are qualified. However, a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming does not bear any special entitlements according to any government regulation.

NLP practitioners should be rightly classified as consultants, be it personal, life, business or any niche in which the practitioner is qualified to participate. In other words, NLP certification is a purely educational endeavor and not subject to any rules other than the normal practice of business wherever you may be located.

NLP is a set of tools that lies squarely in the public domain, therefore no person, organization or body has control over the field, which was established to be a grass roots movement and nothing more. Over the decades since the introduction of NLP into the behavior sciences, various individuals and organizations have attempted to secure sole rights to NLP, but none succeeded. Therefore, the field is entirely available to anyone who ventures into it for any reason. The practitioner is free to work within the overall limitations of local commerce.

This state of disregulation makes it particularly important for the prospective NLP student to understand that he or she must investigate NLP training organizations to ensure said organizations are honest and open about what NLP is, what the practitioner can do and what certification means.

Unfortunately, many NLP training institutes are not forthcoming about the wide range of legitimate training opportunities available. Many organizations insist that NLP certification is only valid through their particular training courses (making all other certification invalid), which is a falsehood perpetrated for the purpose of generating more sales. This trend within the field does not reflect well upon its integrity.

Any organization stating or implying anything beyond what is stated here will never be accepted into the International NLP Association. May we all strive for greater awareness and maturity as representatives of the body of knowledge known as neuro-linguistic programming.

Hope Bundrant

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