NLP Trainer Integrity

Character is #1 for an NLP Trainer

If there is magic to be had, it is in the character, integrity and maturity of the NLP trainer. These qualities, combined with skillful NLP teaching, make for the ideal training value for students.

When a high character trainer conducts a course, students are assured high value. Most certifying bodies ignore this fact entirely. They assume that adequate NLP skills will suffice (even though skills are not actively monitored). This is only part of what is required for a high quality NLP course to be delivered.

Why character matters in an NLP trainer

People of character are trustworthy in delivering NLP training by exhibiting the following traits:


Quality NLP trainers do not promise outcomes that are unlikely and unreasonable, such as change your entire life by taking this training or demolish all roadblocks in your way or learn to get people to do what you want. Such claims are extraordinarily unfair.


An NLP trainer of character is a mature and able leader who knows there is more to personal development on the whole than NLP techniques. A true leader serves his clients and cares about their outcomes and personal growth. Importantly, he or she knows the limits of NLP and does not attempt to coach people inappropriately.


The very best NLP trainers don’t assume NLP is magic. They don’t treat the mind as if it were a simple program that can be manipulated. Quality NLP trainers always coach students to keep in mind the limits of reality.


NLP trainers of character are humble. They don’t act like they are gurus, better than the students or carry around a god complex. They take time to address student needs without condescending. Another important element of humility is pricing fairness. Trainers who consider themselves gurus often charge exorbitant fees for their services. A high quality NLP trainer shouldn’t cost more than $200 USD per hour of training.

Professionalism and Boundaries

Character trainers maintain professional boundaries with students and do not attempt to take advantage of them in any way.

There may be many other qualities a good NLP trainer possesses. If these and other indications of personal maturity are not obvious to you as you interview your trainer, be advised to seek NLP training elsewhere. The International NLP Association will never knowingly endorse an NLP organization that does not meet these criteria.

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